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Suspension difference between models?

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Hi experts
Does anyone know if there is a difference between cooper and cooper S suspension specs please?

I'm about to buy a 5 door, Cooper, planning variable dampers, wondering if a mere cooper needs sports suspension, you know, for maximum Go-cart Cliche..?

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No difference. Get the Sport Suspension, you won't regret it.
Thanks Uke

I like your confidence

We like rails. Rails is good!

I agree that its all down to personal preference. Mini NZ dont have a SS test drive available. How fabulous. So its actually all down to personal fantasy and guesswork at the moment.
The roads here are pretty mixed, my regular windy route home is definitely bumpy, and I do a bit of gravel driving. On a bad day when my neck is playing up, it doesn't much like those bumps in my Suzuki Swift Sports. The Swift is more like the 2002 Mini that I drove. This new Mini is more refined, so I might get away with the SS

But if I dont like the SS I can always sell the car once the ashtray is full I guess, and get next years model without it.
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Great minds think alike, and I was actually planning to get the 16" wheels…
Not only is there that little bit of slack, but the replacement tires are 2/3rds the cost plus more variety available here in NZ. And I prefer the 16" wheel styles to the 17" available here.

No such thing as a sports pack in this country either as far as i know. No mini Ones either, just cooper and cooper s. The cooper starts at a decent spec level tho. So yes, lets go shopping before BMW put the price up.
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