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Yesterday the fuel reserve alarm came on.
Autonomy was 100 km more or less.
I have done 705 km and the average was about 15km/liter.
I have calculated to have other 5 liters in the tank.

After other 20km I filled it up.
From the reserve alarm I ran another liter, at least.
I could expect to have 3 or 4 liters in the tank.

I have filled the tank up with 47 liters!
...but the declared capacity is 48 liters...
So, three possibilities:
1) the tank is bigger, 50 least
2) the reserve alarm is not reliable
3) the liters I have payed are smaller than nominal....

So, how big is the F54 fuel tank? And the reserve reliable? How big is the left autonomy...100km?
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