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Texas on ICE

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Born in Iceland...grew up early in England...crashed my first car: a 1959 Austin Mini Minor in 1961 when I was 4 years old into the Officers Club~ was in gear and I held down the starter button...BOOM!!! Life has come full circle and I have bought my first Mini. Live in New Braunfels the last 6 years...Lived in San Antonio from 1981 until I moved to New Braunfels...Lived in Austin twice and Big Springs (before the name changed to Big Spring, Texas) when a kid. So about 50 years in Texas. Member of SASCA and SPOKES and I used to Road Race and AutoX Mazdas until 2000. Last race was the 24 Hours of Moroso in the First Spec Miata.
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Welcome to the forum. I lived in San Antonio for 3 1/2 months in 1970 (Lackland, AFB), and was briefly in Big Springs for some training. First car I crashed was my Austin Healey 100-6, and I still miss it.
Welcome Tex. Like Dan, I spent 2 months in San Antonio in 1966. My first wreck was not as cool as y'alls though. Rolled over a 1963 USAF Econoline Van into a swamp in FL.
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Wife and I have been in San Antonio since moving from Houston in 1984...with a brief excursion to New Kent, VA from 1998-2001. SA has changed a lot over the years but one thing that hasn't are the beautiful, winding roads of the Hill Country and Edwards Plateau. I learned those roads in the late 80's and 90's on a succession of Japanese sportbikes but having reached Seniordom, these days we prefer the Copper S's four wheels and air-con. The local Mini club is well-run and growing: look up the San Antonio Mini Cooper Club on FB

Welcome to the board.
I have been in TX many times most of the time in weird Texas towns got kicked out of a couple of Bars down there too when I told them there beer is flat as Kansas. Ahh the good old days.....:laugh::laugh:
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I was in San Antonio 5 years ago for job...I remember Bohanan's! Incredible!
...and my first car crash was in a fiat 127 (!!!) parked downhill playing with the handbrake while I was waiting for my father...
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