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Car Buzz did a quick write up on the Clubby.

We know you're driving one, and it's time to stop.

In today’s world there aren’t a lot of options for those who want a small car with decent cargo space. You either buy a crossover or a hatchback, and Americans aren’t really big on the latter of the two. The good news is that there are a ton of CUVs in a variety of styles and price points. The bad news is that they aren’t all that fun to drive. Well, most of them. There aren’t many solid alternatives out there. But after spending a week with the the Mini Cooper Clubman S, I know there is at least one.

This is Mini’s family wagon, so to speak, and offers 17.5 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up and 47.9 with them folded in a 60/40 split. This is more space than the Nissan Juke offers (10.5 cubic feet/39.5 cubic feet) but less than the Kia Soul (24.2 cubic feet/61.3 cubic feet). The Clubman S is not a world-beater in the storage department but it does have one edge over its competitors: its swinging rear doors. The two swinging doors make loading and unloading cargo infinitely easier; they can also be automatically opened via the key fob should you have your hands full. The swinging doors also give the Clubman S a more wagon-y appeal. I love the look but have a hard time calling the Clubman pretty.
It’s not ugly or anything, but you can’t expect that charming Mini design to stay fully intact once you start adding size. Still, it’s much easier on the eyes than the bloated Countryman and its wagon-esque shape is more appealing than most CUVs. You’ve got to give the automaker credit for being able to take what is ostensibly one design and grow it without entirely sacrificing the look of the original model. That’s not an easy task. Just ask Fiat. When it comes to interior space, the Cooper Clubman S is surprisingly spacious. Four adults fit comfortably inside without any legs smashing into seats or heads hitting ceilings. The quality of the interior and the cabin design was also above what you’d find in many crossovers.

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