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The ghost in the Mini

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Was just going out in my Wife's car earlier and checked my Mini through the window before leaving. To my alarm, I discovered both the driver and passenger windows fully down. Thank goodness it wasn't raining (for a change) or the car would have been full of water. I didn't have the "key" with me but the car wasn't even locked.

I had to get the key to close the windows and remembering something I saw on a VW Jetta commercial, tried holding down the unlock button and to my surprise, shortly after the doors unlocked, both windows rolled down. "Feature" I assumed but how did it happen when the key was on the dresser?

Ideas anyone?
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Ideas anyone?
Check the manual. I vaguely recall something about a configuration setting that controls what effect unlocking the car has. One effect was lowering the windows. For what reason, I have no idea, but some engineer saw fit to put that in there. Probably trying to impress a girl.
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Clearly he was thinking for those of us who want to pull off an Italian job, and need to jump into our cars unimpeded. Just a press of the unlock button on your approach to the car and you can jump right through the open windows.

Windows are for sissies. A real man would jump through the sunroof.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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