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Yesterday after I washed my car I decided to check the pressure of the tires and I ended up really confused, in all the other cars I have driven the usual recommended pressure was around 30psi for the tires under the engine, 28 for the others, now, this was the first time I checked the pressure since the dealership gave it to me and they all were in 28psi, so I thought Oh they are fine but then I checked the sticker on the door and I was really surprised and kinda shocked to read that the recommended pressure for two people is 39psi (2,7bar) for the front wheels and 36psi (2,5bar) and an even higher value of 45psi (3,1bar) on the front and 42psi (2,9bar) when travelling with 4 passengers.

My instinct tells me to trust the sticker over the dealer and if I do I would even have to check them after I took the car for service to see I they haven't "corrected" them but the values are just so out of what I'm used to see, granted, I never had a car with run flats so I guess that's the reason why but I also worry about over-inflating them and then having one blown because of a pothole or something else, after all this tires don't come cheap.

So my question is, do you follow the sticker? set the tires a little lower that the recommended value? or definitely use another value entirely?
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