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Tick tick tick

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I'm worried.

300 miles into my brand new F56 cooper petrol and I've been largely driving with a heavy right foot (regularly up to the redline at traffic lights). Great fun.

Completely absent from my mind was any kind of running in procedure!

I noticed today (and it could have been like this since I got it) te engine sounds very noticeably ticky ie tick tick tick sound that goes as you rev it. It could have been like that since day 1 and I am being paranoid - I'd be interested if anyone else has it?

Have I permanently damaged my baby?
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Definitely go to the dealer and compare. It will probably be nothing to do with not following a break in regime, but a manufacturing fault that needs to be investigated.

My Petrol Cooper does not make a ticking sound at idle. In the old days that was often due to an exhaust leak at the manifold, apart from the usual tappet adjustment problems which could plague older cars.

I wouldn't advise caning any car right out of the box, for longevity of components that mate together it is best to let them settle and bed in before adding excessive stress to the equation.
Don't be concerned then!

If the dealership are not perturbed and your car is going fine then just enjoy the car.

You have registered your "complaint" and you can always go back if it gets worse.

(Maybe mine does it too, but I am a little deaf!)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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