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Tick tick tick

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I'm worried.

300 miles into my brand new F56 cooper petrol and I've been largely driving with a heavy right foot (regularly up to the redline at traffic lights). Great fun.

Completely absent from my mind was any kind of running in procedure!

I noticed today (and it could have been like this since I got it) te engine sounds very noticeably ticky ie tick tick tick sound that goes as you rev it. It could have been like that since day 1 and I am being paranoid - I'd be interested if anyone else has it?

Have I permanently damaged my baby?
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Engine wise, nothing that you'd have caused imho (not disregarding the ticky problem at all)

Breaking in procedure is a dead horse. (Some even suggest that you need to drive it hard, at various rev range,... etc)

All engines would have gone through testing, run-in before they get dropped into your car. Manufacturers run these babies til they're red hot for testing and QC.

The break-in applies more for other components ie: breaks, suspensions, joineries ...
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