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Tires and wheel warranty package?

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Should I buy, for 899.00 the warranty fir 4 years for tires and rims in case a need to change a tire or a rim? I think that the chances of breaking/needing anew tire in 4 years is slim and even in that case, the price for a run flat is not close to 1000!

I am gonna have winter tires anyway for the ottawa winter travel so I will have 2 sets anyways! Should I get run Flat or regular winter tires+ rims?

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Ah no, insurers aren't that niave....think they only replace the tyres if they're over a certain % tyre tread left...otherwise everyone would be doing exactly what you said!
You are spot on Donna - the tyre insurance I had on my last mini, provided by Mini, was on a sliding scale depending on wear and if you took a damaged tyre in they went over it with a fine tooth comb to ensure the damage was genuine.
Having said that, I got my money's worth as I had several punctures (on run flats) and they simply replaced the damaged tyre with new .
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