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Tires and wheel warranty package?

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Should I buy, for 899.00 the warranty fir 4 years for tires and rims in case a need to change a tire or a rim? I think that the chances of breaking/needing anew tire in 4 years is slim and even in that case, the price for a run flat is not close to 1000!

I am gonna have winter tires anyway for the ottawa winter travel so I will have 2 sets anyways! Should I get run Flat or regular winter tires+ rims?

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People may take the mick out of me here but I've been researching ALLOYGATORS. I never scuffed any of my last alloys in 3 years so I think insurance is a waste of money. Having said that, this is the first set of black wheels I've had and they'll look rubbish IF they scuff.
Alloygators are £55 for five (so a spare) and a alloy wheel place just a couple of miles from me can fit them.

anyone else used them?

but in response to your actual question, I got normal tyres and I certainly intend on buying a winter tyre/wheel set. But it won't be ££££ MINI ones. In NE Scotland, I wouldn't NOT use winter tyres.....
I think you'll find rim insurance is not for wear and tear it's for bad impact only and your car insurance would cover this plus your tyre as it's an accident.

This is how it is in New Zealand.
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