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2015 MINI Cooper S 4 door
Thunder Gray, Black Top, Black Mirrors
Pano Roof
Automatic w/ Sport Transmission
JCW Interior Package
Sport Package
Mini Boost
Other random things...

As a long time Evo/STi owner I did NOT have high expectations getting into a MINI Cooper. However with ever evolving life situations and needing to get an automatic that my wife and I can split time with...the decision was made to give MINI a chance with the performance oriented drive/compact size/usable space/good MPG.

My initial thoughts:


Handling-superior to Evo/STi (even with the FWD - great traction system that seems to help a great deal with any crazy understeer)

Braking-acceptable (although not as strong as I anticipated...may be a JCW upgrade here in my future if/when it becomes available)

Ride-surprisingly comfortable on back roads and highways...also happy with the road noise...much lower than I thought it may have been.

Anyway...wanted to say hello to everyone! Doesn't seem to be much aftermarket support as of yet for the 4-door. Anyone know of any sites or companies developing product for us?

Photos to come soon!

Nice meeting you all.


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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