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Tuning a 3 cylinder Cooper ??

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Has anyone fitted a tuning box (Racechip,Nm,Dinan etc..) or had a Remap on the 1.5 3cylinder ??

When I was working out which model to buy, I was very impressed with the 3 cylinder, and loved the sound of the 3 as opposed to the 4 in the MCS which sounded characterless !!

My MCS is fast enough, but I always wonder, should I have gone with the Cooper, and boosted the Power ??

For me also, the lighter Engine of the Cooper 3 cylinder, created a more agile car without the extra weight over the front axle. :D

I love my MCS in most respects, but do sometimes think I have missed out on the sweet spot of the range ???
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I believe they remap to 180BHP+

I find the MCS engine to be quite characterful. Particularly running in Sport mode and with the upgraded JCW exhaust ours has (standard JCW exhaust not PRO).

If a Cooper was the right price then i'd certainly consider one but i think the MCS is a better starting point in terms of performance.
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