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Tuning a 3 cylinder Cooper ??

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Has anyone fitted a tuning box (Racechip,Nm,Dinan etc..) or had a Remap on the 1.5 3cylinder ??

When I was working out which model to buy, I was very impressed with the 3 cylinder, and loved the sound of the 3 as opposed to the 4 in the MCS which sounded characterless !!

My MCS is fast enough, but I always wonder, should I have gone with the Cooper, and boosted the Power ??

For me also, the lighter Engine of the Cooper 3 cylinder, created a more agile car without the extra weight over the front axle. :D

I love my MCS in most respects, but do sometimes think I have missed out on the sweet spot of the range ???
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I'm not convinced the clutch and gearbox are even up to the standard 134 bhp :eek:
As I am new to the breed, is this a joke?
It looks like the 'before' curve, despite being a bit uneven, is getting close to 150 bhp around 4800 rpm or am I misreading it?
I think Ford seem to be turning out engines with a relatively higher state of tune than many other manufacturers but I am not sure they are reliable. Their 1lt Ecoboost engine can be bought with an output of up to 125 hp and its great engine but the internet is littered with stories of their unreliability. In this respect, BMW are being more cautious with their power outputs and I am sure these 3 cylinder units can give more but that usually comes at a cost.
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My wife has had almost every iteration of the Cooper with several of the three cylinder models. Just my own opinion is that the three cylinder is the worst of all Mini engines, you always have to be in a gear or two lower. The three is only happy at 30 in third, where as the MCS engine is smooth as silk with immediate acceleration in any gear.
Why tune a 1.5 when you can have the same or more output without risking any warranty you may have. Plus the chassis components like brakes and suspension are also uprated. Modified cars lose their value like a stone too.
I broadly agree with your comment regarding the gearing on the three cylinder engine. In addition to the gearing, its ‘grumpy’ at low revs which makes it hard work in stop/start traffic. The four cylinder is smoother, more relaxing and has much more low down torque as you really benefit from the twin scroll turbo (which the three pot doesn’t have).

In my experience the only things you lose with the four pot is the wonderful three cylinder howl when you open it up and of course the four cylinder engine uses more fuel.
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