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My wife's 3 cylinder 1.5 is running over 210bhp. And it's a fantastic ride :)

2017 Mini Cooper Clubman - out of warranty due to some minor mods we carried out. The engine went boom due to an OEM spark plug which failed and melted the piston which in turn damaged the cylinder and melted the cat. Once we had ascertained that BMW would not help out we took the (big) decision to rebuild, strengthen and tune.

So..... in no particular order: BMW i8 pistons and rods; stage 2 Superchips remap; Forge intercooler; Eventuri induction kit (with new Cooper S bonnet to enable scoop RAM air); Miltek decat pipe; Remus cat back exhaust (Cooper S twin exit.... so now running Cooper S rear bumper); JCW big brake kit (with grooved and drilled discs); Forge brace kit; KW coil over kit (70mm drop); 20mm wheel spacers all round; JCW gearbox (2ltr spec); strengthened clutch; lightened flywheel; Quaife LSD; Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres.

I think there is maybe more.... but it's been a quick journey and I tend to forget some of the things we have done... sometimes things worked and sometimes things didn't and we had to try again. Biggest headache was the LSD.... which didn't fit the original gearbox and led to head scratching with everybody at Quaife and the tuner until we realised small differences in the fitting kit tolerances meant it would never fit (I was quoted for Quaife to build me a bespoke LSD but it was going to cost over £5K and they needed the gearbox for a few months ? )

We believe that we have trail-blazed with this car - doing things which haven't really been done elasewhere. Possibly more power to come from a different turbo....but for now it's just a really fun chuckable car to drive.

Ask away - chances are we have tried and failed or are enjoying the fruits of our labour ?
Did the JCW transmission bolt right up? One of the few things I don’t like about the 3-cylinder manual transmission is the really tall gearing. It’s weird.

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I have a catback Remus exhaust, Bluespark tuning box and a BMS intake ( Just for the turbo sound). Bluespark claim the box takes it up to 170HP. Have not been on the dyno but the butt dyno says its a tad faster.

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Just got back from the tuner. They offer a service with a standard tune and one where they put it on the dyno and do a custom setting for your car. Luckily for me, they hadn’t done this car before, so I got a free upgrade and they put it on the dyno! View attachment 68446
What Tuner did you use ??

I’m in the market for a remap also been researching for quite a while now...
I have the B38 1.5 3cl engine
2019 cooper.

Iv spoken to many of the tuners out there

Lohan have quoted me £340 that claims 136BHP to 165BHP

Evolve £499 similar gains..

Perfomance Torque
Stage 1165BHP £350
Decat downpipe + 15BHP

Still waiting for response from these below

Mulgari - +44 01189321670
DervTech- 0161 706 0586

Iv read about massive gains to be had with reference to the i8 hitting around 220BHP but not sure how this is obtainable..

All the above tuners remap using generic developed file for that vehicle rather than a live custom Dyno remap which I’d rather.

Does anyone have any recommendations or further advice on this ??

much appreciated
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