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Two Mini Family

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Well, the wife did it. She was contemplating trading in her California Special Mustang GT for a Cooper S.

Yesterday, we went and did it. Now we are a two Cooper S family. Both cars are midnight black metallic. However, she ended up with leather seats, HUD, cold weather package.

Mine has the leatherette, navigation, no hud, no cold weather package. Don't need that in San Antonio. From the outside the only difference to tell them apart is mine ended up with the lime green scuttles and mirror caps.
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the Truffle leather....actually looks pretty nice. Once I can get both cars side by side in the garage or other place, I will get a pic. Only way to tell them apart from the outside is mine came with the green scuttles and mirror caps. We both got the midnight black metallic. Her car is much nicer in the seat and stereo department. But mine has the 20 gig storage for music and hers doesn't. Possible because of the navigation system.
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