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just thought I would post my thoughts on tyres I just had fitted, in case anyone else was looking for some inovation like i was,

I have owned an LCI R53 cooper s and an LCI R56 s before my F56s, I had dunlop runflats on the R53, and it was like driving on oil drums :|

the R56 came with continental sport contact 3's from the factory floor, have to say these where a great tyre on the R56 so i kept replacing them like for like,

but my 2016 F56 came with Michelin primacys, which are ok, but not great, was just going to get some more continentals fitted until i thought i would check out some reviews of whats latest and badest ! in the tyre world just to be sure.

so after looking at reviews on here :

and around the net,
it transpires the Conti's are still a good tyre but they aren't the best around at the mo, so after some narrowing down i decided it was between Michelin PS4's and Goodyear asymmetric 5's

not being impressed with my Michelin's, i went with the asymmetrics,

what a great tyre, haven't used them in anger or the wet yet, but they warm up quickly, and really are point and shoot, to the point i read a review where someone just fitted a front pair, and it was that direct on turning it almost gave over-steer to the rears, after driving on mine for a few days i can understand why,

i got all 4 fitted for £375 from, who i used for the 1st time, and will use again,

im not a tyre or reviewer professional to say the least, but i can drive my mini, and like to have a bit of safe! fun in it, and feel a lot more comfortable on these tyres, but I have also learnt not to just stick with what you know or think you know best, research is the key :D
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