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Snap In Adapter is no longer an option as of late MY2016 (May/June builds). Anything built after that will look exactly like chocobo's - there is no pre-wiring or anything.

The snap in adapter had very few people actually buying the (ridiculously) expensive cradles that duplicated existing functionality so for cost-saving, MINI/BMW killed it off.

jkwireless, if you have a 2017, you will not have the snap in adapter pre-wiring available so basically, you cannot use it. Your armrest will be just for storage, just like chocobo's. The part numbers you have, however, are the correct part numbers for the F56 though so for those reading that DO have the snap-in adapter pre-wiring (basically any F56 made before about May 2016 with enhanced BT), those are the part numbers you need if you want to purchase the $265+ adapter.
Must be country specific. I've just collected my JCW UK spec, and it has the snap in adapter still present in the armrest.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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