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Hello - New to the Forum here and I'm trying to figure this out too. Just about to collect my 2017 JCW (U.S.) and have found 2 BMW part numbers floating around the web (and this site), and one appears to be specifically for an iPhone 6 or 6s (*not* a 6 or 6s plus), and the other is a "universal" adapter that basically has a lightning cable and offers flexibility to handle any iPhone with a lightning adapter (provided it would fit in the compartment).

My question is, can anybody (or can I) determine if either of these parts will fit into my 2017 JCW center compartment? I have every imaginable option on the car including Technology Package as they call it for 2017, which includes Mini Connected XL and the wired package (so I'm pretty convinced that I would have the correct Bluetooth version). I called my local MINI dealer parts department and was told that they do not make an adapter for anything higher than iPhone 5/5s - so that confused me...

BMW Part numbers that would appear to work:

84 21 2 407 464 - iPhone 6 specific adapter
84 21 2 365 786 - Universal iPhone adapter w/Lightning connector

Please share what you might know about these adapters. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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