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Hey guys,
so took my front bumper off today to replace my grill n surround, want a nightmare job even with the bumper off,

anyway doing This in preparation for fitting my airtech intercooler tomorrow,

however, I have found a broken component (from a previous contact with a deer! ) that the repairers had missed,

it’s rectangular and sits bolted below the crash bar and infront of the radiator and intercooler, it has horizontal fins that look like they open electronically via an actuator

it was just sitting there loose, there are two plastic brackets on the top that bolt behind the crash bar, these are broke,

i have search all over realoem/mini parts but cannot flaming find this part

can post a photo of it tomorrow , but if anyone knows what it is and or it’s part number,

also is there a way to test it !
thanks in advance
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