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I made a list of all the required equipment to upgrade a 2019 base F60 to Bimmer-Tech Alpha One Studio system, with a walkthrough come soon...

Bimmer-Tech parts
1 - BMW Plastic Trim Kit Tools
1 - BMW Coding Cable (For Audio Coding)
2 - Alpha One A90 Woofer 2 Ohm
1 - Alpha One A40 Midrange
4 - Alpha One A45 Midrange
2 - Alpha One A10 Tweeter Round
1 - Alpha One A10F Tweeter Oval
1 - BMW Amplifier upgrade PP86DSP
1 - ASD Stereo system Add-an-Amp harness kit - Technic PNP

Mini Specific Parts
Replacement premium grill center - Part #: 51-45-9-332-792
Upgraded door pillar tweeter enclosure left - Part #: 51337401333
Upgraded door pillar tweeter enclosure right - Part #: 51337401334
Left backseat door speaker grill - Part #:
Right backseat door speaker grill - Part #:

Kilmat 80mm - 36 Sq ft.

Took about 2 weeks from order to get the kit from Bimmer-Tech.

Called and verified with thier engineer overseas I'd have all the right stuff.

3/4 Boxes Came In Tonight:

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I don't know about this system but do you need somewhere to put the tweeters? The F56 needs the A pillars with HK tweeter mounts in.

If you are stripping the car to install this you might as well get some sound deadening in too.

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I put Bavsound stage 1 in my wife’s countryman in place of the base audio. I’m towards the end of the break in period. Not super impressed given the investment but it’s for sure an improvement. It’s clearer, you can turn it up without getting distorted, but the base is still meh. I wanted to feel the underseat woofer a little like the HK in my clubman. It’s supposed to be “twice the base”, but 2x nothing is, well, still mediocre.

We’ll see in time how it goes. I won’t change the amp, at least it doesn’t sound like a clock radio anymore…
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