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uploaded mp3's however multiple copies

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I have uploaded my mp3s to hard drive from usb. However when music is uploaded when looking through music collection, tracks appear twice or more, even though there is only one copy of each track on the usb. I deleted the entire contents of hard drive and attempted to re upload tracks, but this time removed all folders from the usb (artist and album) so it was just a list of mp3's. When uploading the tracks I have ended up with duplicates, plus tracks that aren't even on the usb, which I had previously deleted off the hard drive on my first attempt. I'm getting fed up of seeing Bryan Adams 'everything I do' :( I have looked through threads and cant find anyone with this problem. somebody help me, please!
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Have not had that problem with my loads. I now have over 1000 tracks loaded. I do have the album art loaded too. I do a music search reset each time I load. Have you been doing that?
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