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Hi Guys, first post on here! Looks like a really nice forum!

Iv'e just ordered a Cooper S in Pepper White.....woop woop!

Wondered if anyone on here know how many speakers the Visual Boost comes with as I have read conflicting reports.....some say 4 front and 2 woofers under seats and some say there is another couple in the back making a total of 8?

I have added the Excitement Pack if that makes a difference?

This will be my 3rd MINI.....had the first new mini in 2004 (Cooper) and then a mk2 in 2007 (Cooper S) so its fair to say i'm keen on them and well excited about the new one!

Cheers in advance for any answers.

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For the three door basic system is two front door two under seat bass units.

Vis boost adds two rear panel speakers ie 6 total.

Harmon kardon is two rears tweeters two front tweeters and a centre mid and tweeter. 12 400 watt amp.
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