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VO MCS coming soon...

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Greetings from Orange County, California, USA.

We're not new to MINIs, but this 2015 MCS will be our first new MINI. We bought a low mileage (34k), Electric Blue 2002 MCS from an uncle in 2008. It has been and continues to be the best car we've ever owned.

Now, I'm waiting for the EPA to settle their business! The car arrived in Port Hueneme on September 5. We even drove up to see the Torrens shipping vessel docked, surrounded by MINIs and BMWs. :) I tracked the ship's journey after it left Southampton. Pretty cool really, watching a stupid dot on a map move its way around the country. I spent way too much time doing this! Haha!

I just need patience!

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Welcome quiller. It will be worth the wait.
Thanks, Peter!

Gonna be a two-MINI family, soon. I can hardly stand the wait!

And it looks like the price has increased by $500 bucks (as I play with customizing a new MINI for fun). ;-) Maybe MINI needs to tack on a few bucks to help offset the revenue lost by cars sitting in ports or VDCs.

Mini\BMW isn't loosing any money by having cars at the port. They will have great sales OCT/NOV to make it up.;)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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