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I have a windows phone (love it... well aware I am very much in the minority here, but after having had both iOS and Android I am happy with my choice).

For me, voice recognition automatically launches Cortana (windows phone version of siri I guess you can say). In other words, as long as I have a good phone signal I can call a friend, leave a text message, ask what the weather's like in two days, add a calendar entry and on and on. So basically, everything I can do with voice activation directly on my phone.

I'm still amazed it (almost) always works!

However, I have no idea what i would get if I didn't have a phone connected... going to try tomorrow, and no idea if I am able to directly control anything actually in the car.
I was wondering do you have to download an app before using voice control as with my other phone when I clicked it the phone made me download an app. Now I’ve got a new phone and wondered do you have to have anything downloaded.
or if you deleted something before how can you get it to work?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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