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Are you looking in the online manual, Peterg i.e. the Mini Driver's Guide App which you can download on a tablet?

This is where I found it, but as I have the Media XL there is the possibility that it may be more limited with other options.

Under 'Owner's Handbook', within the App, there is a sub-section called 'Short Commands of the Voice Control System'. It's a the bottom below 'licence texts'

Unfortunately the App won't let me screen grab the tables via my iPad, but there are loads of different Functions, along with the corresponding Command you need to say. It includes most functions, like managing the main menu, central instruments, on board computer, external devices, radio (although I have to say that on DAB it leaves a bit to be desired)

Try saying "Radio On" or "Station BBC Radio 1" or whatever station, as a quick test of whether you have this functionality. Then download the App.

Hope this helps
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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