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Weathertech floor liners for F55 ??

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Hi...The Weathertech website has floor liners for the 2015 mini hardtop, but doesn't give you the option to choose 2 or 4 door. I contacted weathertech and they said it fits both. I'm thinking the ones in the rear may need to be longer for the 4 door. Anyone have these in their F55, or know if there is a difference in the rear floor area? Also, they don't have a cargo (boot) liner for the flat load floor yet.
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I have Weathertech for the front of my f56, poor fit, not up to weathertech standard . There is a gap of nearly one inch at the back of the driver side and the velcro attachments doesn't touch the floor of the car. I had to fill the embossment with epoxy and install new velcro.
I will try to put pictures when the Mini will be back from the garage.
Is it the digital fit model for the F56?
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