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Weathertech floor liners for F55 ??

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Hi...The Weathertech website has floor liners for the 2015 mini hardtop, but doesn't give you the option to choose 2 or 4 door. I contacted weathertech and they said it fits both. I'm thinking the ones in the rear may need to be longer for the 4 door. Anyone have these in their F55, or know if there is a difference in the rear floor area? Also, they don't have a cargo (boot) liner for the flat load floor yet.
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I got on the mini accessories website and compared part numbers for their floor mats for both the 2015 - 2 door and 4 door hardtop. Fronts had the same #, rears were different.
JimVL...This was my response from Weathertech 2 months ago:

"Thank you for your interest in MacNeil Automotive Products. We apologize for the delay in our response.

Regarding your 2015 HardTop Floormats or Liners, if there was a difference between the 2 door vs. the 4 door, there would be a question on the website asking to choose with which the vehicle is equipped. The floor coverage currently listed on our website would accommodate both 2 and 4 door models.

Regarding the cargo liner for the flat load floor, we currently do not have one available. Please check the website every so often as it us updated daily. "

Back then their website only said "hardtop", now at least it says "2 door", so hopefully soon it will say "4 door" too. I'm not convinced that the front mats for the F56 would fit the F55 either. Another F55 owner tried F56 mats, and said they were at least 1/2" narrower, so sand, snow, etc could easily get by.

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So I've been checking the Weathertech site often. They now offer floor liners for either 2 or 4 door hardtop, but the 4 pc set says "not available" on pricing, whereas it looks like the rear 2 pc set can be ordered.
The floorliner set front and rear is now available in black for the F55 4 door. Just wondering if the cargo liner for the 2 door fits the 4 door, and if not, when that will be available.
All set. WT confirmed the recessed cargo liner for the F55 is currently in production...should be available in 6-8 weeks. The F56 is 34x15. The F55 is 33-1/2x18.
Evlkarl...I've seen those, but I just don't like the buckle tag. Wish Mini was just molded in like their older styles. I've had weathertech products before, and I'm sold on them. Especially how the lip comes up to contain any spills.
My new F55 Weathertech Floorliners are awesome!!! Perfect fit. You unscrew (1/4 turn) the oem Velcro buttons with a dime, and 1/4 turn the provided Weathertech hooks. These are black, although the photo flash makes them look gray. Don't hesitate at all ordering these. Can't wait for the cargo liner to be available.


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