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Weird oily leak from the convertable mechanism?

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Hello everyone,

so I'm a recently new owner of an F57 Cooper SD Cabrio. Today, after getting in the car I noticed a weird greasy stain on the passenger door speaker - further investigation revealed that there's also a little grease stain on the top of the roof mechanism, directly above the speaker. The roof works fine, doesn't squeak or rattle and open and closes perfectly normal, so where might this oily/greasy stain come from? Did the previous owner maybe reapplied some grease in the rails of the roof and maybe being out in the sun is causing in to melt in to the cabin?

The grease stain on the speaker:
Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Car Grille

Greasy residue on the roof mechanism (Sorry for the terrible photo, the car was parked in the garage... Greasy stain is definitely there):
Automotive design Line Vehicle door Automotive exterior Tints and shades

It's definitely not water, as it's sticky to the touch but doesn't smell like anything. Any help from fellow F57 owner would be helpful! :)
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