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Went to collect my New Mini today............ but !

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Left it with them.
Ordered Dark Truffle Leather upholstery.
It had mixed cloth and leather in black.
Left it with them.
September before another can built.
Letting the dealer stew for a few days.
Not sure if I will continue.
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I'm just lost for words reading this

I feel if I were out in the same situation I would have to definitely leave and be done with it

Despite as I would say taking it for so long it's very difficult just surviving on public transport and walking it - the latter not an issue because I've been used to that since I've been a kid - however planning for journeys a couple of hours at least is time wasted / but I have no choice...

I think no matter how hard the decision was it was the right one i'd do the same but I know I would cancel and not wait again - waited long enough...
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This isn't just an issue we MINI owners have :(

We went in to collect our new Porsche Boxster GTS yesterday and we too rejected it.

it came early, unannounced, when we were not expecting it until Sept 1st but......

Wrong wheels,
Matt black plastic trims - we ordered gloss
Red seat hoops, we ordered black
no slip diff,
leather steering wheel, knob - we ordered alcantara
no DAB
front and rear parking sensors and camera...we only ordered rear sensors

.....makes us wonder if someone else got our car! Now waiting until nearer Dec for the replacement...fantastic time of year to take delivery of a mid engined, RWD, convertible in NE Scotland.... NOT! At least we've got a few more months to enjoy the C63, every cloud...........

I'll go for that - they are all the same but Porsche?

Oh I forgot - just a posher arm of Audi - don't take it personally Captain - having been an Audi driver for so long...

That's still disgraceful and then you have to wait for December!!!

You might as well change it for a 4x4 or else that Porsche will get stuck in snow!!!
Whilst I can understand people's wish to have a rant at the dealer in these circumstances, it is not my way. I run one of the most frustrating and difficult industrial process you can find, it pays to remain calm in my job.

I vote with my feet and I never walk backwards.

Dealer is more concerned about me sending him a letter he can forward to the DVLA confirming I have not taken the car.
He will have to convince me my deposit has been refunded first.

The insurance company have confirmed they will cover my son for a Golf GTi, I'm excited again.
Mind you the guy at the insurers has been back and forwards so much on this, he said whatever, get an R8 he's covered !!!! I think he may have been joking.

Mini's are a great car, I am disappointed not to have had the chance to own one.
The whole experience is badly let down by dealers with far too much confident swagger and no real concept of customer service.

The dealer in this instance was Sytner, Oldbury.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.


Well Terry

I walked in about 6 months ago and after being told they couldn't do anything for me as far as discount was concerned I left.

They didn't bat another eyelid down - and neither for that matter did I - I thought Birmingham New Road is a little peaceful and it better remain that way



So I totally understand - it is their loss - the manager was too busy chatting up the hottest lady in town and she wasn't even interested in buying one! Draw further conclusions

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