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When I had my 2012 Abarth I lowered the Car by 2 Inches had 17 Inch Wheels and Tires on it. Sure gave it some fantastic handling around Corners and it looked nice too lowered.

After 1 Week in the F56 I am not even sure if I want to lower the Car because it feels great with the 16 Inch Tires. I searched different Forums and all I could find was Springs that lowered the Car by 1.1 Inches. I would like to close the Wheel Gap so the Springs make Sense to me but I do not want to spend over 1K on Struts Springs etc etc. since I do not Track or Autocross the Car. It is just a DD. Besides the Wheel Gap that Bugs me the Stock Ride is fine it handles great :)

The Go Pedal of Course is next on my List

So what Mods you think are useful? Any thoughts? I am not looking for Speed Bump Scraper just a nice clean look.;)

PS Sorry if that Question came up before

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You can always do adjustable coilovers, you control the height and stiffness. I haven't seen a go pedal for the Mini yet. I did a VIP intake, so far so good. I also did a set of adjustable rear sway bar end links from NM Engineering . Getting ready to do the CravenSpeed short throw shifter(manual6speed) and updated retaining clip.
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