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WHAT GREAT FEATURES of this amazing car have I missed?

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So what are the special features of your Mini that reallymake the ownership experience special. There are sadly so many for me; itreally is a huge list; as you can tell I love this car! Yes 3500 miles in and it still does it for me; each and every drive is a total pleasure .

The looks-the yellow with black alloys-never get sick oflooking at it or cleaning it in the daylight

The way the roof rack fits the rails-brilliant design

The quality of the paint-no orange peel here!

The looks at night-click the fob and it lights up like aChristmas tree-especially love the leds and the door handle lights-what a greatpiece of design

The quality thunk –when the doors shut. Much better than ther56

The LEDS at night-that purple haze across the top

Driving; the little bulge in the bonnet-love it

The sound of the 3 cylinder engine-amazing Porsche likewarble with turbo whistle WOW

Performance-this little car is fast-the torque surge from 2krevs is amazing and it just pulls!

The REV match function-down changes have NEVER been thissmooth-fantastic feature

Economy-never less than 44mpg so far, measured pump to pump and averaging around 47 with a bestso far of 49.

How cheap are these cars to run; low insurance (suppose I amold) and the 5 year service package-fantastic)

The ride and handling plus quietness-on its 17’’ Dunlop nonrunflats it is SO refined 70 feels like you are walking-licence loser

The Head up display and the messages it sends you

The quality of the dash plastics-fabulous

The fact you can set a limit to the fan speed when in automode for climate control-great idea

The separate temperature controls for driver andpassenger-and the classy looking controls especially at night!

The picture of the mini that appears as you get in on thedash

The wonderful toggle starter; love it and the glow it givesoff

The Bass from the Harmon Kardon system (right where you wantit!) and the stereo image created –especially by the centre dash speakers Ipresume-best in any car I’ve ever had

The hard drive-no need for any clutter in the car!

The idrive controller and the fact there are SO MANY differentways to get at the functions; voice control (seems to work really well) thebuttons, scrolling through options or the handwriting recognition on the top;they really have thought of everything and if you cant find your way around oneway there is always an alternative so you can choos what works for you!

The display –love the graphics on the speedo display and thefact you can scroll through so many options

The smell of leather as I get in-the half leather seats mustbe real leather!

The hugging seats-really hold you in place

The display ring; love that it changes colour and can be arev counter etc

The voice control-brilliant; works really well

The limit button-set it and never worry about speed camerasagain –especially those average ones!

The chunky steering wheel

The fact that when your hands are on the wheel the vents canblow warm air onto them

The heated front screen-seconds with a frosty screen andyou’re off

The autolights and autowipers-leave and (nearly)forget

The silence of the wipers-no squeaks whatever the weather

The quality of the switch gear/stalks

The massive difference between the 3 excitement modes-thoughnever use green!

The engineering thought that went into the moveable floor ofthe boot-even got a catch that holds it up and out of the way!

I could go on; have I missed anything; feel free to add toit! But nothing negative in this thread-it’s a what we love thread after all!
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Oh man, not one I disagree with there. And I wish I could add some.

I love my MINI! :D

Although with the rev matching, I still haven't gotten the hang of downshifting to 1 from 2, and keeping moving. You shift down when you hit 1000 revs, and the car still massively engine brakes, I can't win lol.

Ooh I got one.

The Parking Sensors - The way each speaker acts as a quadrant to audibly alert you.

The Voice Recognition - The way it just knows what you mean, even if you bungle it.

The Telephone Button on the Steering Wheel - The way it acts as a redial button.

The +/- buttons - The awesome way they have two actuation points to increase or decrease the set speed by either 1mph or 5mph.

That Boot - Seriously, the floor is adjustable, not only up position or down position, but also at two heights so it creates a level load floor for when the back seats have been lowered. The rear of the back seats can latch in two "recline" positions, to allow for bigger loads to be loaded and the false floor can latch up to separate the two compartments.

The Headlights - They auto level, as standard, even with my bog standard halogen bulbs, they level themselves... :D

The LED Ring - The way it does everything. Adjusting your climate control, start/stop activates, adjusting your volume, navigating your on-screen functions, approaching a junction that you are being navigated around... and more. All of which have the LED ring flashing different coloured events at you.

The Build Quality - Oh my word the build quality.

The Side Windows - They're all one-touch, in either up or down. Coming from a Ford Focus that only had it on the driver's side, and only rolling them down, this is an absolute god-send!

The Interior Lighting - I've been in many a car, and never have I been able to see the interior so clearly in the darkest of nights by just turning on the interior lights. One push and it's daytime in a little 5-door hatch parked somewhere along the A45.

The Windscreen Washer Jets - They spray in fans, not jets... This is so much better!

The Accelerator Pedal - I press this thing and the car pulls me at such a force. Until I hit 2,500 revs and have to ease off or shift gear (stupid bedding-in period... 1,200 miles can't come quick enough.)

The Gears - That hefty clunk you get to confirm you're in gear.

The Touchpad - I swear this thing could detect hieroglyphics if you wanted it to. I'm right handed, but it's never mistook what text I wish to enter.

That's all I can think of, I'll add more as I think of them ;)


The Silence - It's a diesel engine, I should be deafened by Engine noise and Tyre Roar... But it's whisper quiet, I don't need to shout to my Mrs. next to me. I can't get over this one!
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I'll have to say, this is one advantage of a left hand drive car. I get to write on the touchpad with my right hand. ;)
Being right handed, I thought it would be problematic but it really isn't. I just find I only tend to draw my letters in the top right hand of the entire dial touchpad. Don't know why, ha.
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The Windows - They have a Bulldog on them ;)

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