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What is the best way to clean none leather seats?

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Just want to find out what you Guys/Girls using to clean the none leather seats. I always had leather in the car and it seems they are easier to clean. Since my Mini has been the transporter of choice lately I have to remove Basset Hound Slapper and the Hang Over make up from the Girlfriend from the Las Vegas Trip. I was thinking of warm water and some gentle soap but if anybody has a better idea please let me know. Thank you:)
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I've had good luck Lexol Vinylex, get it at most auto stores. Haven't had to remove anything major, but the dogs get foot prints on the rear panels when they look out the window. I put a seat cover on the rear seat so that stays pretty clean. I use it on the whole interior for the UV protection.

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Sounds good, drop me a PM next time you're coming to town.
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