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What is the diameter of the manual shifter shaft?

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Had the idea of replacing my shifter, but it sounds like it's a tall/expensive order to do so since it's not threaded.

So, why not thread the shaft?

Before I go through all the trouble of taking the knob off and and measuring it myself just to put it back on, does anyone know what the diameter of the shaft is? I've searched online and found one site that stated 8mm, but no other site echoed any measurement and just stated "universal."
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Don't know the diameter, but there are several aftermarket producers. In metal, wood, etc. Though install was pretty easy, I asked a local BMW repair specialist to do it - took about 30 min, tops.
Does anyone have any idea how the plastic sleeve that is on the rod works? Is it just there for the clips on the shift know and the boot? Is it pressed down on the rod or ios the rod actually 2 pieces that are split at this plastic sleeve? I was going to change shift knobs and if I can sand or remove this plastic, my knob will fit fine., and be same height or shorter than the original.
Mazarin, the shift knob pulls right up you just have to use a little force( make sure you keep your face away from your hands so you do not punch yourself or the knock out teeth) I stayed with an original Mini Knob from the 2nd Gen.

Here are the instructions from Cravenspeed how to remove and install. You can do a Live Chat with them and they have all the measurements. Hope that helps.
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