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If you do a search for 'R99's build thread', you'll find some info about coilovers (and spacers i think).

The car is now owned by tweedbean (@tweedbean on instagram) and it's on KW Variant 1's.
I can't remember exactly how much the JCW Pro Coilovers are but I'm fairly sure they're more expensive than the KW's at £1000.

The JCW Pro Coilovers are actually made by KW so you wont have to worry about quality, which leaves the question, why pay the extra for the JCW ones?
Sure, getting the JCW coilovers means you wouldn't void warranty but it's only the warranty for the suspension that would be voided if you went with the KW's, and the coilovers will replace all stock suspension parts anyway. The KW coilovers also come with their own 2 year warranty so if you have any issues with them, just phone up KW and they'll sort it out.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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