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When enough is enough.!!!!!!!!!!

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We now even longer to wait for when we actually get our NEW MINI D and no it not due to a factory delay sadly it's because of the arrogant salesperson we have had to deal with right from the beginning.........I wont bore you all with the details,but here's just the tip of the iceberg.

We changed our spec twice before it went to build and he actually said he was doing us a favour by doing this and thought we were strange to do so.

There product knowledge was really poor to the degree that I was advising them.

Claiming they has always returned our phone calls.

Umpteen calls never ever returned or claims he never ever got the messages even though his desk is about 6ft from the reception asked him twice to value our car as to use this as part ex never had time to get around to it.

So the icing on the cake was we made him aware that we would have trouble picking the car up weeks ago due to the mrs having a serious car accident,but he could not be bothered to go and find out and just said there would be no one available to do it yet when we book the MINI in for a service they would come and collect from our and return it the same day and today the mrs get's a phone call from a guy(without introducing himself or where he was from)rudely said I understand you have been asking the salesperson to come and collect you to pick up your MINI.

The mrs was not impressed as she would of thought the salesperson would advise us that this was happening,but again same old story he could not be bothered to let us know.

I won't name the dealership or the sales person .

Sorry for the rant....
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The MINI has now been canceled I got an email yesterday at 9.05am asking me to confirm that I which to cancel the car so that can be the fun begins again.

Thanks to those that replied.:)
We're in Robertsbridge,

I went to Chandlers of Hailsham today to sound them out and to do a bit of spying before we go there tomorrow just to make sure that we did not look like we came off the bottom of there shoes again....well great news there were so different very welcoming and even gave me coffee while I was dribbling over there MINIs plus they offered a test drive even though they knew I had an appointment tomorrow at 10.30am.:)
Well done; tour the area , be prepared to travel a bit; find a good dealer! Seems very important and we are spoiled here in Lincoln with soper and sytner-great!

I only have 3 within a 50 mile radius and would not touch one of them with a barge pole.
Sorry meant 1 out of the 3 I would not go too,went to Chandlers (Hailsham) today really impressed completely different was treated like a customer rather than something that's come off the bottom of a shoe.
Well the deed is is the long 6 week wait.:)

MCS/D sports auto 5dr....Moonwalk Grey,black roof and mirrors,stripes, Chilli pack,heated seats, heated screen,enhanced bluetooth,17"roulette alloys,

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mini Automotive design
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Looks fantastic. Book a factory visit and you might see it made!

Good idea that would our 3rd visit our 1st one we went too was organised with MINI2 our 2nd one was the the premier of the film"The Italion Job" inside the factory.:)
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Congrats dinger - looks great!

Thanks Aiden, it should be here in another 3 weeks or sooner.:)
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