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When will it stop?

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Hi all,

I'm a new Mini Cooper SE owner, took delivery of my ex-demonstrator 2022 car with 6000km on the clock 3 weeks ago and it's been utterly brilliant- the PERFECT city car for running around Kuala Lumpur when there's only 1 passenger and/or luggage to carry.

The short legs (I suspect the shortest driving range of any car you can buy today) hasn't been an issue with our usage (wife goes to work in it, we go shopping and do other in-city runs with it) and it we average around 3 days between charges- until today.

Today, an unscheduled run to pick up the Mrs' cellphone which she had left at work (departure charge level- 36%) saw me pushing my self-imposed charging limits (20% minimum, 80% maximum) for the first time.

I made it home with 19% showing on the instrument binnacle (I have it showing charge % instead of guessing how many kilometres of range I have left, leaving the guesswork with ME, where it belongs) and for the first time since I got this car, found myself asking, at what point will it actually grind to a halt?

I know you can't use the last few % of charge but can I rely on the car continuing to be drivable all the way down to where the meter displays 0% charge or will it stop dead at some higher indicated charge level... like 5% or something?

Does anybody have any experience with this? Sorry if this has been asked and answered but I did go searching for it, all the way back to early 2022 on the forum and couldn't find it.

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Don't forget that the 3.7kWh grace capacity (buffers) will disappear as the battery gradually degrades and that this will happen more quickly if the battery is continually charged to 100% unnecessarily.

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