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Where to park my new Mini

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My car should be arriving soon and I'm wondering what is the best way to go about parking it?

Here in the States we seldom park on the street. Most of us park in parking lots in front of stores. This means there is usually a car parked on either side of your car.

Obviously I don't want my car to get any dings or scratches, so the other option would be to park it on the outskirts of the parking lot (further away from the store), where there are fewer cars parked and chances are you can park without having a car right next to yours.

I'm worried about parking farther away because this will make my Mini stand out, and would this make it more likely to be vandalized?

So which is best, parking it among other cars and risking someone slamming their door into your car, or parking far away and risking it drawing attention?

Sorry if I sound paranoid!
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Thank you for all the helpful advice. I was talking to someone and they mention that I can get some special sort of coating put on the car that prevents damage chipping paint. They apparently only put it on areas of the car that are most likely to be dinged/scratched.

Anyone heard of this, and what is it called?
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