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Hi guys, I'm writing from California about this in case packages vary from region to region. I'm a bare bones kind of guy. I can't find a dealership that only has the ZFL package. It's everything I need in a 2015 Cooper S HB, but everywhere I look the ZFL is packaged along with a bunch of other unneeded items (I don't need a JCW steering wheel.., or anthracite headliner, or chrome lined interiors..)

The package includes Wired Package, Premium Package, and Sport Package.

I see these listed on some configurations separately but at their full retail pricing, rather than the ZFL bundled packaging. It's really making me want to custom order one but the 90 day lead time is a long time to wait.

I guess I'm just venting a bit, I can configure a pepper white hardtop cooper S with ZFL for $30,700 on the button, every dealer I talk to that has a car with the ZFL package has them priced north of $33,000.

Has anyone had any luck finding a Cooper S HB with just the ZFL package?

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Me too I know it's quicker in the uk but it's a great feeling designing a car exactly how you want it and not paying for things you don't.Very satisfying and the wait for the car just ramps up the excitement. It's worth it.
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