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Window down

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Came home earlier & locked the car, later someone told me my passenger window was all the way down. Went outside and yes the window was all the way down and car locked.
I never had the window down today.... Is there any reason why this window has gone down on its own ???
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The amount of electronics related to just the locking of the doors, raising and lowering of windows interlinked to various other parameters on Minis is quite staggering.
It is a wonder most of it works at all!

Something has not worked as it should and must be reported.

In my case I have found the red on/off switch will not kill the engine unless the steering wheel is aimed near enough straight ahead...sometimes, other times no problem.

I have told my dealer about it and I suppose a software update may be released in the future to cure these things as long as those affected tell the dealers, or email head office.

In the meantime I will check my windows when I lock the car!
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That's weird. Two separate reports of this behaviour now on this forum. Hope it's not an ongoing trend.
I think it probably will become a common issue, and the more common it is and reported, the sooner a fix will be found.
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