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Window tints?

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I'm planning on getting my f55 SD windows tinted and wondered on any tips or how dark should I go without it looking like a drug dealers car lol.
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Hey Cessa - getting my new MCS in a couple of weeks, can you recommend someone in Brissie to tint Windows?
First of all, congrats and welcome. They are lots of fun.

I used a company called Tint-a-Car. Got the film called Octane. It is a metal based film but doesn't affect radio, GPS or mobile reception.
Looks good, I did go slightly darker than legal on the back but legal on the front.
Price was $295.
They were able to do it in a half a day.
I'm very happy with the result and it should last a long time. You can actually feel the difference with window tint and no tint.

Let me know how you get on?
Thanks! will definitely let you know...I need to get the car first...2-3 week wait lol, Im counting the hours.
Cheers Skullee - I had been doing some homework since my last post, and wanted to go with a 3m product. I need something that provides max uv filters, and it looked as though the crystalline offered that. I think that colour stable had the next highest filter.

Others have mentioned pricing around $300 - do you remember the cost for the crystalline?

How dark are your tints and do you know the uv filter reduction?
Cheers for that- I'll have a chat with them this week.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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