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Window tints?

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I'm planning on getting my f55 SD windows tinted and wondered on any tips or how dark should I go without it looking like a drug dealers car lol.
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Hey Cessa - getting my new MCS in a couple of weeks, can you recommend someone in Brissie to tint Windows?
Highly recommend Solar Style tinting . These guys are excellent and treat your car like one of their own. They do all the dealer tinting for BMW City so they know their way around a Mini. Emily and Shannon are the owners, and they are all about customer service and doing an exceptional job. Just had my cooper s tinted and opticoated a few weeks ago and they are great. ( No I don't have any affiliation or friendship with the owners. They were just great) I had the XP tint done as it has the best heat resistance. Unless you want to go for the crystalline, which is way too expensive for me ;)
Cheers Skullee - I had been doing some homework since my last post, and wanted to go with a 3m product. I need something that provides max uv filters, and it looked as though the crystalline offered that. I think that colour stable had the next highest filter.

Others have mentioned pricing around $300 - do you remember the cost for the crystalline?

How dark are your tints and do you know the uv filter reduction?
Hey Tonyau,
The 3M crystalline was around $800 I think. That's for an F55. Their 3M, CXP and Black were all about the same price. I would guess around $300 ish. I had the tint together with the opticoat and that was just under $1100. I didn't want to go illegal, and the factory glass already has 5% so I think I got 45% on it. It wasn't the darkest tint, but out of all their films, bar the crystalline, had the best heat rejection.

I also have a VW Golf with Formula 1 from tintacar on it, and it has been very good. We went back to the same Tint a car for the Mini but got a bad feeling off the showroom and the people, which is why we went to solar style after a lot of research. Have a look at their Facebook page. They do some seriously expensive cars, so they know what they are doing.
Cheers for that- I'll have a chat with them this week.

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