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Windows Phone Bluetooth Compatibility

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My nokia lumia 521 is not compatible with the base infotainment system for Bluetooth. The dealer got it to work, but the contacts keep disappearing, and other problems. Its time for a new phone anyway. My salesperson told me that the nokia lumia 635 is compatible. Does anyone know if the nokia lumia 900 or 1020 are compatible? I went to the mini connected location on the mini website, and the compatibility list does not function on my computer. My dealer sent me a pdf of one page off the website of compatible phones, and it shows the 635, among some other phones. I am interested in the 900 and 1020 if they are compatible. Any help is appreciated.
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I have a 1020 and use it on my phone without issue. The only exception is the calendar and messaging don't appear... but not an issue for me.

Spotify also works by the way, although you still need to use your phone to access menus/playlists for this.
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