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Winter tires for JCW

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Hi guys, I've been looking everywhere but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells aftermarket winter rims/tires that would fit my '15 JCW. I think it's ridiculous that Mini charges $2300+ for a set.

Any ideas/suggestions? I've tried a few shops already including 1010 tires, my mechanic and downtown McDermott - and nothing.

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I share your problem. Last year and again in a few weeks, I'll remove the summer tires from the wheels and have the winter tires installed. This will be the last time for that as I will purchase another set of wheels for the summer tires.
Call Tire Rack as I do believe that they now have wheels that will fit; aluminum, not steel wheels.

Edit: Oops, assumed you were in Ontario, Canada, but I may be wrong, invalidating my suggestion.
Get a set of aluminum wheels and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 tires and you'll stick like glue

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As for your rims...throw the winters on the stock rims and get a nicer wider set for the summer ?

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You should quite easily find a set if used jcw wheels on ebay and fit a set of winter tyres on them.

Just make sure they are designed to fit over the jcw calipers as not all wheels will fit even though they are branded jcw.

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why did you end up doing for a winter set up ? I ended up getting a set of aftermarket 18s for my summer wheels and used my stock 17s for my winter set up. Not many 17inch wheels that fit over the big JCW calipers.
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