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Winter wheels and tyres fitted

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Dear all as promised; my DEZENT winter wheels and tyres fitted to my Cooper to save my lovely 17" Cosmos from salt and me hopefully from ice! Fitting was a game-bought genuine tpms's from mini and the length of valve stem is very marginal so had to use my bike pump to get air into them! All sorted though and I think the quality is good(made in Germany) paint coating seems thick and well finished and they came with full fitting kit of bolts (not used as same as mini) and spigots. VERY pleased overall ; cost-had the tyres but they are around £70 each, TPMS valves and £260 and fitting £75 at mini (inc balance) and £290 inc p and p for the wheels. Sorted! Ps pics show Jasper with Cosmos and then the DEZENTS


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Been waiting for some bad weather to fit some
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