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Bare with me on this, I'm not setting out to blind the world ;)

So on my project list (I have the parts) is the LED Auxiliary Driving Lights / Rally Lights / Spot Lights (call them what you like) installation.

One thing that bugs me with them is, unless I'm using Main/High Beam, they're basically extra bonnet ornaments.

So I had a thought, what if I could wire them to be additional DRLs.

They can't be additional Dipped Beam because they have no cut off.

My thought was to splice into the wire for the bumper DRL, and run it to a relay to switch a fused 12v direct from the battery.

My question is what is the best way to dim the output of the LED?

Should I just use an in line resistor until I get the desired result? Or should I look at a voltage divider?

The relay would also need to take the feed for the High Beam, and override the DRL if that makes sense.

I don't know if it's possible to have a 3rd brightness level so it can dim when the headlights are on dipped beam, or just to set it so there at the "dimmed" level.

What are your thoughts?

Is is doable?

Is it worthwhile?

Would it fail an MOT unless there was an isolation switch for the "DRL"?
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