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This morning, my 2017 F54 Clubman S wouldn't start. All the interior lights came on, but when I pressed the button, everything would go dark and it would power back on with the Mini logo swirling around on the center screen. I suspected a bad battery, but it's strange it didn't give me any on-screen notification. There were also none of the clues I might have recognized from other vehicles. For example, the starter never started sounding weak or the solenoid didn't click. Just no action. The day before it did give me a clue, saying that I needed to "reset time and date." Also my satellite radio was intermittent the week prior. Maybe that was related? It did still have the original, four year-old battery, so I suppose it was time.

Anyway, I found this great video on YouTube that showed how to remove the battery. $200 for a new battery from O'Reilly and an hour later, it started right up. However, apparently you're supposed to tell the computer that a new battery has been installed. The scan tool (that I bought for $220!) was supposed to have the capability to do that, but it told me it "couldn't perform the reset on this particular vehicle"... ugh! So I still have to go to a dealer to do that? Does BMW lock out generic scan tools? Anybody have any tips on how to reset the battery minder?

Finally, I'll end with a rant for BMW -- with all the fancy computer stuff, why can't you simply put a notification on the screen that the battery needs to be replaced? Or, even better, how about "battery condition is weak and needs to be replaced within X days"? Good thing I had another car to go to the auto parts store with.

Here's the great video showing how to replace the battery if the car won't start: By the way, the only tools you'll need are a 7, 8, 10, and 13 mm socket, and a screwdriver.
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