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Well, my salesman called this week and scheduled the mini "second date" for which I have been anxiously waiting. I had about 20 specific questions. These questions evolved as I drove my 2015 MCS. Issues such as music volume not diminishing while nav voice made announcements... to USB questions related to my smart phone... to A/C issues (comes on automatically, even when I was looking for heat). Anyway, my salesman took about a half hour and answered all of my questions. He is one of an increasingly rare commodity, salesmen who are actually experts in their knowledge of the product that they are selling. Most of the issues were based on some of my misconceptions / misunderstandings. The dealer topped off my gas too. The bottom line, I urge every new purchaser, especially older guys like me who aren't experts on technology, to take advantage of the second date. Good info, an opportunity to get the most out of your new mini.
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