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Year 2022 JCW UK, sport mode - what are you suppose to see in HUD ?

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I'm curious what information I am suppose to see in the HUD when I have the car in sport mode ?

I have seen pictures online with the gear number showing in the circle?

People have also mentioned the lines on the outside of the circle (left and right side) are not showing but will start to show when you rev hard ?
I have also read that the lines show as standard but when you rev hard, they change colour ?

On my HUD I see the circle with the lines showing on the outside of the circle (left and right side)
BUT no gear number and the lines are static meaning they show as standard but they do not change colour or show when rev hard ?

Any ideas on this please ??

Hope someone can clarify what I am suppose to see

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Are we talking manual or auto?
Had a play with our auto today. You get the gear number when ever you switch to using the paddles. The only time you get the bars on the side light up is if your in sport gearbox and using the paddles as the car won't shift for you so flashes up the bars.
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Just to clarify the gears showing in the HUD is not by using manual paddle shift to change gears ?
I think people need to clarify if thier talking about Auto or Manuals as the behaviour is very different between the 2.
I also found that with shifter to the left and "M" displayed you can hold the left paddle and it will downshift automatically to the correct gear but I think its just toggling between manual and "s" auto mode if that makes sense.
Holding down the left paddle will downshift to the best gear for acceleration in any shifter or drive mode in my 8 speed auto. Also holding the right paddle will switch back to full auto.
You have to go
Hi do these functions only work on JCW models as I own a 2022 Countryman S Sport with the HUD and for the life of me can't get it to work. When I go into the settings etc there is no Sport display setting for me to tick,very annoying
It's a JCW only thing but can be coded for non JCW cars.
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