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I figured this is the appropriate place to say hi.. HI!

Late last month I had to move on two week's notice to Florida (living in Orlando and commuting to Tampa while I find a place in Tampa) from Puerto Rico for my job, so what's the first thing I do when I arrive? I bought an F56. Volcano Orange 2014 MCS, CPO'd with 2k miles.

Anyway, 3 weeks and another 2500 miles later, I love the car! Sharp handling, sufficiently fast to have fun, and quirky enough for me. P

No modifications yet (well, if you consider rubber carpets and a front UK plate to be mods, then yes - two mods) - and will likely stay that way for a few months while I get settled into my new environment and.. well, increase liquidity (moving is expensive!)

Here's a few pics.


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